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A win for our seniors? We need one.

Donald Trump has touted the excellent health care he received while being treated for COVID-19. But if he were on Medicare, just one of the drugs he received would have cost $2,340. Most of the seniors I know could not afford that.

Many seniors struggle to pay for necessary medical care, rely on programs like Meals on Wheels, and are looking to their elected officials to care about their needs. The House has passed multiple pieces of legislation to help, but the Trump administration and the Senate are doing nothing.

In addition to writing and passing the bipartisan Older Americas Act, I've also been working to update the Elder Justice Act to fight abuse, fraud, and neglect against elderly Americans. Our efforts will bring much-needed support to seniors and the social service systems that many rely on to help them get through these challenging times. Everyone deserves excellent care and support, whether they are the President or the retired teacher next door.

With COVID-19 continuing to keep us in semi-isolation, these reforms are crucial to protect the health and well-being of seniors.

We need to make sure that, during the pandemic and beyond, ALL seniors have the support they need to age with dignity.

I'll keep you posted.


Posted on October 12, 2020.

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