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She's ready.

Shemia and I have a lot in common. We both put ourselves through college and law school, got our start in the Oregon State Legislature, are dedicated moms, and care deeply about the Oregon public education system.

Meet Shemia Fagan: Oregon's next Secretary of State

It takes grit to rise out of poverty, and that’s what Shemia did. She channeled her tremendous energy by serving the public – first, on the David Douglas School Board, then as an Oregon State Representative and later a State Senator.

Shemia has created opportunities for Oregonians by helping to:

  • increase funding for our public schools;
  • pass paid family and medical leave;
  • ensure equal pay for equal work; and
  • expand voting rights for everyone.

Right now, Shemia needs our help to have a strong win on November 3rd! Will you chip in $7 before Election Day?

As our Secretary of State, Shemia will:

  • Protect the integrity and fairness of Oregon's vote-by-mail system by making sure every eligible vote counts;
  • Encourage voting and expand access to voting for all Oregon citizens;
  • Protect our public investments through audits to make sure all of state government works for Oregonians, including fixing Unemployment Assistance;
  • Provide Oregon businesses with clear, effective tools to build success.

She's ready to get to work, and we need her leadership now. Chip in $7 and help her get out the vote.


Posted on October 22, 2020.

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