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We must stop the damage

In his administration’s final weeks, Donald Trump is ready to spoil a pristine landscape to enrich his polluter friends.

Trump has had a greedy eye on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge his entire term. This NPR headline says it all:

Trump Administration Rushes To Sell Oil Rights In Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Trump administration has consistently exploited our lands and our national treasures, and in these final weeks they are going after the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

With an incoming Biden-Harris administration ready to get us back on the right track by addressing climate change and protecting our environment, Donald Trump is taking a break from the golf course to cause damage that will have lasting consequences.

Starting this week, as NPR reports, “oil and gas companies can pick which parts of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge they're interested in drilling.”

It's clear that Donald Trump is willing to do anything and everything he can to benefit from his position, and that includes recklessly attacking our great American landscape to help his friends in the oil and gas industry.

With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House, we’ll return to science-based policy, rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, and finally build a clean energy economy. And — if we can stop the damage — the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will remain a treasure in our nation, to protect and preserve.


Posted on November 23, 2020.

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