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Child care is key to getting back to work

Last night, President Biden announced a groundbreaking plan to improve child care in America — and I'm thrilled.

Under the American Families Plan, millions of low-income families would receive financial support for the full cost of child care. Middle-income families would get support so their child care costs would not be more than 7% of their income. And those who do the important work of caring for children will see a meaningful wage increase.

And there's more: pre-K would be free for all three- and four-year-olds.

And this would be paid for by eliminating the Trump tax cuts for the richest Americans.

It's a great plan. And we should pass it.

But will it pass? It's going to be close.

Here's what I know: If we get this plan passed, we have no chance of protecting it if we don't keep our majority in Congress. With just 218 Democrats out of 435 seats, our majority is razor-thin.

I'm asking you right now, to make an early investment in the fight ahead. Please donate $3 before the end of April — that's tomorrow!

Posted on April 30, 2021.

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