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Protect the Clean Air Act

For more than 50 years, the Clean Air Act has protected our right to clean air. It's reduced air pollution and acid rain. It's saved lives. Countless Americans can now breathe cleaner air and worry less about upper respiratory diseases.

The Clean Air Act calls for the federal government to work with state, local, and tribal governments to work together, using science and technology, to reduce air pollution.

The Act gives the EPA the authority to regulate pollutants in the air. And that includes reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

But oil companies, chemical manufacturers, and other polluters are trying to gut the Clean Air Act, and they have taken their case to the Supreme Court.

And who's on the side of the polluters? Their Republican allies in Congress. They've submitted a "friend of the court" brief, calling on the court to strip life-saving environmental protections from the Clean Air Act.

This is unacceptable and dangerous. For more than half a century, the Clean Air Act has protected Americans. It should be strengthened, not weakened.

That's why I joined nearly 200 of my Democratic colleagues in Congress in our own "friend of the court" brief, urging the Supreme Court to protect the Clean Air Act.

If Republicans take control of the House in 2022, we know they are going to continue to attack common sense, life-saving policies like the Clean Air Act. We can't let that happen.

Thank you for standing with me for clean air,


Posted on February 7, 2022.

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