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Time to end the filibuster

We must not be numb to what is happening in our country. At least 19 people, including several children and two adults, were killed at a school in Texas. Many parents in Texas are distraught, wondering how they will carry on without their young child. There will be an empty seat at the dinner table, an empty bed, and broken hearts that will never heal.

Some of my colleagues will offer thoughts and prayers, but that won't stop the next mass killing.

The House has passed legislation to implement universal background checks and close background check loopholes - bills that will help address gun violence. Unfortunately, GOP Senators, including those who claim to be "pro-life," continue to block this legislation.

The answer is clear: it's time to end the filibuster. The Senate ignored the filibuster to raise the debt ceiling. Surely our children’s lives are just as important.

Our system is broken. Democrats are in the majority in both chambers, and there is no reason we should not be able to pass commonsense gun violence prevention measures. It's what the overwhelming majority of people in this country want us to do.

If we do not take action, preventable, tragic deaths will continue – and I cannot stand for that. It is time to end the filibuster and move our country forward.

Thank you for standing with me as we hold the families in Uvalde, Texas in our hearts.


Posted on May 26, 2022.

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