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The truth about the debt ceiling

You've likely heard about the debt ceiling, and it's a topic that will receive more attention in the coming weeks.

Here's what you need to know: the debt ceiling is a cap on the total amount of money the United States can borrow to meet its financial obligations.

Currently, we are approaching this limit.

Let's be very clear: lifting the debt ceiling does not authorize new spending; it simply allows the United States to pay for obligations that Congress has already approved, like Social Security and veteran's benefits, or military salaries.

The MAGA Republicans in Congress who passed a House bill with regressive program cuts didn't care about so-called "fiscal responsibility" while Trump was in office. They raised the limit multiple times with no conditions, despite Trump's administration adding more to the national debt than any other president.

Republicans have manufactured this crisis to hold the country hostage in exchange for their regressive cuts.

It's short-sighted, and it's cruel.

We are in the midst of a housing crisis, especially in Oregon, and this bill would eliminate affordable housing for many families and seniors.

Working families across the country can't find or afford child care. But this bill would take away access to Head Start preschool programs.

Higher Education program costs are rising every year, and this bill eliminates funding and programs for low-income students.

Instead of working toward a solution to the climate crisis, their bill continues our reliance on fossil fuels, undermines clean energy options, and raises costs for working families.

With this bill, many seniors and veterans would lose access to critical nutrition assistance programs like SNAP and Meals on Wheels.

And up to 10 million people could lose their Medicaid coverage.

Budgets are a statement of our values. And this legislation makes Republicans' values crystal clear.

There is a simple solution to avoid these harmful outcomes: Congress must pass a debt ceiling bill with no conditions.

I'm always interested in finding smarter, better ways to run government and reform our revenue structure, but we should never put our nation's credit at risk to make policy changes.

Thank you for standing with me,


Posted on May 11, 2023.

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