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Happy World Ocean Day !🌊

Today is World Ocean Day, a global celebration focused on the importance of protecting the ocean.

Many Oregonians rely on the ocean to earn a living, and residents and visitors cherish the recreational opportunities at the magnificent Oregon coast.

Unfortunately, rapidly changing ocean conditions have harmed fisheries and continue to threaten the local economies that rely on tourism and marine commerce.

The ocean covers most of the planet; we must protect and sustain it for the health of the planet, the economy, and for future generations.

Today the ocean is facing numerous threats, including ocean acidification.

Acidification occurs when the ocean absorbs carbon dioxide – primarily from carbon emissions - leading to chemical reactions that increase the acidity of seawater. It is harmful to the Oregon coast, causing negative effects on the shellfish industry, the marine ecosystem, and the cultural and recreational activities that depend on a healthy ocean.

I wrote and helped pass bipartisan legislation that addresses ocean acidification and provides more funding for important scientific research. This crucial legislation builds on the efforts of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and focuses on strategies for mitigating and adapting to acidification in ways that consider the unique needs of each community.

Although we have made progress, there is still more we can and should do to protect the ocean. As co-chair of the House Oceans Caucus and Congressional Estuary Caucus, I am actively working to find practical solutions to other critical issues, such as harmful algal blooms, marine debris, tsunami preparedness, and illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing.

When we work together for a better future, we can make the ocean healthy for generations to come.

Thank you for standing with me in support of the ocean, and Happy World Ocean Day!


Posted on June 8, 2023.

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