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There’s a lot at stake

Last week was our first week back in Congress after the August in-district work period. Like many of you, I am growing extremely concerned about the possibility of a government shutdown.

Unfortunately, the government has shut down before, so we know this: a government shutdown would be devastating to our country and the economy.

Each year, Congress must pass appropriations legislation to continue to fund federal agencies and programs. But the most extreme Republicans in Congress are refusing to pass this legislation without massive cuts to critical services and without including unreasonable and unrelated demands.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is failing the American people as he again refuses to stand up to the extremists within his party.

If the government shuts down:

  • Social Security and Medicare applications for seniors and people with disabilities would stop, leaving vulnerable Americans waiting for benefits.
  • Thousands of children could be removed from Head Start and other federal child care programs, leaving working families without the support they need.
  • National Parks would close, causing Americans to delay or cancel vacations and open our national treasures up to damage.
  • Inspections for drinking water and food safety will come to a halt.
  • And more...

There's a lot at stake, and I don't take that lightly.

These extremist Republicans claim they want to "save money." But it's clear they aren't interested in solutions because past government shutdowns have cost more than they have saved.

Right now, we should be focused on building a clean energy economy, supporting public education, protecting reproductive health care, and finding solutions to the housing crisis. Instead, MAGA extremists are holding the government hostage.

It's past time for McCarthy to stop empowering this extreme faction and work to find a bipartisan solution. Democrats are ready to get to work.

Thank you for standing with me,


Posted on September 18, 2023.

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