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Standing up for older Americans

Standing Up for Seniors

Throughout their lives, seniors have contributed significantly to the quality of life in our communities. As the daughter of aging parents, I have a personal understanding of the challenges that older Americans face and how important it is to maintain as much independence as possible when we age.

All people deserve to live with dignity and respect as they age, which is why a secure retirement and earned benefits like Social Security are so important. I have spent much of my adult life fighting for seniors, and I won’t stop now.

As a state legislator I was a champion for Oregon Project Independence, which provides home care for seniors. In Congress I have been a leader in updating and passing the Older Americans Act, which provides support for seniors by providing critical funding for Meals on Wheels, community centers, and protecting seniors from elder abuse.

I have also strongly opposed every short-sighted effort to privatize Social Security and end Medicare as we know it, which would impose thousands of dollars in extra costs on older Americans. I have also been a vocal advocate for giving Social Security recipients a cost-of-living adjustment so their payments keep up with the rising costs of housing, medication, and other basic needs.

There are many proposals to keep the Social Security Trust Fund solvent, including raising the payroll cap for Social Security contributions. I support those efforts rather than increasing the age at which people qualify for benefits. I am a proud cosponsor of The Social Security 2100 Act, a comprehensive Social Security update that would increase benefits for current beneficiaries, improve the cost of living adjustment (COLA) seniors receive by adopting the CPI-E formula, and give more than 10 million Americans receiving benefits a tax break by raising the threshold for taxing benefits for individual and joint filers. This bill will make the Social Security Trust Fund fully solvent for more than 75 years.